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Re: [OT] Vivi, the Virtual Violinist, plays LilyPond music

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: [OT] Vivi, the Virtual Violinist, plays LilyPond music
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 09:05:41 -0400

Hi Nick,

> My observation, from having worked in a recording studio and at an University 
> FM station in my youth, is that there is usually an inverse relationship 
> between people's interest in hifi and how much live music they participate 
> in, whether as performer or listener. In other words, the biggest hifi 
> zealots are usually those who don't listen to much live music, and, except 
> for the mastering of a recording they've just made, musicians aren't too 
> fussed about getting absolute fidelity of reproduction when listening to 
> recordings.

My experience as composer and CD editor/producer (all anecdotal of course) is 
the opposite, at least from the classical perspective: people who listen to 
and/or perform more live music (solos, chamber music, choirs, symphonies, etc.) 
prefer their recordings to have higher fidelity.

I myself have experienced a related effect: the longer I go without hearing 
live music, the less I appear to be bothered by the digital artifacts in modern 


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