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Re: [OT] Vivi, the Virtual Violinist, plays LilyPond music

From: Dmytro O. Redchuk
Subject: Re: [OT] Vivi, the Virtual Violinist, plays LilyPond music
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 13:03:55 +0200
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On Sun 20 Mar 2011, 18:27 Graham Percival wrote:
> I really, honestly, love Vocaloid ("that waste of time").

That was an attempt to direct myself to "better wording"; i am not sure i
succeeded, sorry .)

I appreciate your tastes, of course.

> On an objective level, it's allowed many people to create music.  On a
> subjective level, listening (and watching) Vocaloid music has
> brought me more pleasure than *any* academic music composition
We can not control others and their creativity; we even can not be sure that
our creativity will make others to be more creative.

What's bad with "American Idol", by the way?-)

Mmm... Can we measure the "creativity factor" we give to other people by our

Yes, i am rather pessimistic about Vocaloid's "creativity factor", regardless
of how many people will be able to "produce music" with these technologies.

Surely, we can not compare our music with grandfather's, our tastes with
grandfather's, our creativity with grand^^10-father's, because we can not find
(can we?-) a "fulcrum" to stay confidently.

ps. "The entropy of an isolated system... In short, things get worse."

pps. Vocaloid has no any trouble with creativity; _we_ can have some, surely.

ppps. :-) Just imagined a picture: somewhere in the future a teacher gave a
task "to produce some music". All kids made good pieces using
"vocaloidal-boxes" in 5-15 minutes; but one, who killed me with her
creativity, spent an hour to type in lilypond what she "produced" breathing in
panpipe, crazy and "crappy" pitches .)

  Dmytro O. Redchuk
  Bug Squad

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