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Re: Mac compiling and executing

From: James Samir Ismail
Subject: Re: Mac compiling and executing
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 23:44:50 -0700

Thanks so much Carl - I got it to run!


On Apr 2, 2011, at 4:11 AM, Carl Sorensen wrote:

> James,
> It looks to me like you don't have your path set up right.
> You should not be in the ~/bin directory to run lilypond.
> Eliminate the links ~/bin/lilypond and ~/bin/
> move to another directory, say ~/test-lily
> Change to ~/test-lily
> Make sure that your path contains an entry that points to the lilypond
> binary.  From your links I can't tell where that should be.  For my
> installation, I have the lilypond source tree in ~/lilypond, and the binary
> is in ~/lilypond/out/bin.
> I think you should make sure that you have your path set up properly by
> typing
> which lilypond
> If this doesn't give you a lilypond that is in the <source>/out/bin, then
> you're getting the wrong lilypond.
> Your listing causes me to think you have multiple lilypond executables --
> one at /Users/samir/share/lilypond and the other at
> /Users/samir/my-lily-source/lilypond/lily/out.  I suspect that the one you
> really want to use (i.e. the one you just built) is at
> /Users/samir/my-lily-source/lilypond/out/bin.
> HTH,
> Carl

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