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First page completed; tweaking questions

From: ivan . k . kuznetsov
Subject: First page completed; tweaking questions
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2011 18:08:39 -0500
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I have my first page of music notated with lilypond here:

CONCERNING area's marked in red A1 and A2:

Sometimes I require one note to have two stems indicating
that the note belongs to two voices.  A2 worked out
as I intended but for A1, ideally I would just like the
half-note G# visible and the triplet eighth-note G# invisible,
so that the first stem of the triplet is the a stem
attached to the half-note G# (and the half-note G# still has
its downward stem also).  How can this be achieved?

CONCERNING the area's marked B1, B2, B3, and B4:

Look at B1 for example.  The triplet bracket circled is
too short, I want all triplet brackets to take the "entire
duration", not just go to the last stem.

Also, in the special case of B1, where I have two
voices each with a triplet, notationally only one
bracket is necessary.  Is there any way to make one
of the bracket's "invisible" (like an "s" rest)?

CONCERNING the area's marked C1, C2, and C3:
Can I tilt the right side of the triplet bracket
down at C1 and C3?  At C2i, can I tilt the
left side of the beam upwards so it is over the rest?

Thank you for your pointers!

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