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Re: getting repeats to play in midi

From: Tom Cloyd
Subject: Re: getting repeats to play in midi
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2011 10:06:54 -0600
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On 04/14/2011 03:01 AM, Janek Warchoł wrote:
please use "reply to all" button (i.e. send a reply not only to the
person who answered, but also to the whole list). This way we can help
you better and the conversation would be archived and available for
Now back to the problem :)

2011/4/14 Tom Cloyd<address@hidden>
Well (sigh), it didn't change a thing. At the first repeat I still get aural 
chaos. I have posted my entire code at, if you have a 
moment to look at it. I really cannot seem to get my head around this midi 
repeat thing, and my searches for anything helpful have not led me anywhere. 
I'm stumped at the moment.
If you analyze the funny midi output that you get, the answer will
become quite clear: in the midi output, melody voice is repeated
properly, while alto and bass are not repeated. Now look into the
source file... exactly! "\repeat volta 2" is specified in melody voice
only. You need to write it in every voice :)

Hmmm. Very interesting. I have been using the wrong mental model of what Lilypond does with my engraving code. Thanks very much - haven't tried your fix yet, but it sounds most reasonable.

On the other hand, don't we have a bit of a problem with Lilypond, here? It's doing one thing with the 3 voices when engraving, and quite a different one when generating midi. Furthermore, there's nothing about this in the documentation (Notation Reference) that I can find - I looked in "1.4.1 Long repeats", and "3.5 Midi output", and a number of other less likely places, and found no mention of a need to add repeats to voices which are not needed for engraving so that midi output will make sense.

The logical place for this information to be placed would seem to be "3.5.4 Repeats in midi", and a link to this should appear in 1.4.1, I think.

If this is a reasonable idea, does anyone know to whom I should make this request?

Also, in the course of working this out, I've made an interesting discovery which I'll share in a different post (new topic).

Thanks again, and I AM interested in seeing that the documentation is updated if this possible.




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