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Re: Difficulty in jedit with LilyPondTools

From: Nick Payne
Subject: Re: Difficulty in jedit with LilyPondTools
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 19:20:06 +1000
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On 18/04/11 17:47, Michael Dykes wrote:
Nick Payne<nick.payne<at>>  writes:

In the options for Lilypondtool in jEdit (Plugins / Plugin Options
/LilypondTool / Commands), do you have the correct path to the Lilypond
binary. You should also have the jEdit SideKick plugin installed and the
option "Parse on keystroke" checked.

Hullo Nick, and thanks. However, I do not know how to find my path to the
Lilypond binary. Could you possibly help me with that? Thanks again.

Depends on the operating system. On linux, execute "which lilypond" at a command prompt to find the path. On windows, it should be in your path, so enter "path" at a command prompt. Other OSs, can't help you.


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