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Denemo version 0.9.0 has been released.

From: Nils
Subject: Denemo version 0.9.0 has been released.
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 16:40:52 +0200

Denemo version 0.9.0 has been released.

Denemo is a program for inputting music notation.
The music being entered is displayed as conventional music notation and
can be typeset via GNU LilyPond and played via internal synthesizer.
Scheme scripting allows the user to generate music tests, music training
exercises and some educational games are included.

This is a major release filling out many features, fixing lots of minor
irritations in earlier versions and providing powerful features
unavailable from any other notation editor.

      * New features in this version: 
      * Undo and Redo 
              * Undoes all work on any movement with depth limited only
                by (virtual) memory size. 
              * Re-do any number of Undo steps. 
      * Chord Entry from MIDI keyboard 
              * Auto advance of cursor 
              * With status on MIDI-in status bar 
              * Auto-notate chordal accompaniment 
      * Conductor 
              * Drive the playback with the mouse, pause, speed up, slow
                down just by moving the mouse 
              * Works with looping/editing enabling you to listen in
                detail as you step through a passage 
      * Play Along 
              * Choose one part to play via MIDI in, Denemo plays the
                rest waiting for you if you pause 
              * Works with recording, so you can add improvisations 
      * MIDI shortcuts 
      * Delete Selection without removing empty measures 
      * Standalone Fermata: On barlines, other objects, between notes
      * Small / Half sized Barline 
      * Phrasing Slurs 
      * Five Presets for different Voices (1-4 and Automatic),
        resembling Lilyponds \voiceOne \voiceTwo etc. 
      * Separate Export command for saving LilyPond, MIDI 
              * save a copy of the score while continuing to work on the
      * Accompanist's Score 
      * Scrolling and zooming for the Print Preview window 
      * Lilypond Importer: 
              * Fermata 
              * Partial / Upbeat / Anacrusis 
              * Tied notes 
              * Custom beaming (Lilypond brackets [ ]) 
              * Staff/Instrument names and short instrument names 
      * Staff Groups 
              * Staff Groups now each have their own command 
              * Added GrandStaff grouping 
      * Help Frame to show key bindings and other info directly in
      * New set of (real, physical) transpose/shift commands 
              * Arbitrary transposition - specify two notes or the name
                of the interval 
              * Tonal step up / down (stay in key) 
              * Real whole tone up / down (tranposition) 
              * Real half tone up / down (tranposition) 
              * Real octave up / down (tranposition) 
      * Join Music Objects: Create a new note from a selection of
              * Join Music Objects 2: Create a new chord with all
                pitches and the sum of a selection 
      * Support for all notehead-styles Lilypond offers (default, cross,
        mensural, diamond, slashs and more) 
      * Create chords with interval-based commands and shortcuts (major
        7th, minor 3rd, perfect 5 and so on) 
      * NotationMagick 
              * Reverse selected notes 
              * Mirror selected notes on any axis, e.g.
              * Sort selected notes according to pitch, ascending and
              * Shuffle selected notes. 
              * Generate rhythms from strings, converted to ascii binary
                numbers used as rhythm. 
      * Lyrics 
              * Fix overlapping display 
              * Allow scripted insertion of lyrics 
              * Paste arbitrary lyrics including accents, multiple words
                to one note, multiple notes to a syllable. 
      * Paste 
              * rewritten: more robust and faster 
              * deactivated playback of pasted content 
              * new variant to replace the selection 
      * Figured Bass 
              * Improve display, can now be used to play off screen 
      * Educational 
              * Handel's Figured Bass exercises: Play in, then Denemo
                analyzes your realization for consecutive 5ths and
Known Issues for this version: 
      * Playback does not get priority over other tasks. This will be
        addressed in the course of gsoc 2011.
      * Not all LilyPond features are directly available via the GUI.

   Here are the compressed sources (from a mirror) :

    If automatic redirection fails, the list of mirrors is at:

    Or if need be you can use the main GNU ftp server:

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