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RE: Variable names

From: Richard Sabey
Subject: RE: Variable names
Date: Fri, 13 May 2011 17:38:41 +0000

Carl Sorensen wrote:
>The core problem is -- how do you distinguish between a2 c (two notes) and
>a2c (you want it to be a variable) - currently it will be two notes.

I might have missed something here, but: in what circumstances can a pitch-name and a variable-name both be legal?

Inside a music _expression_, if it comes immediately after a backslash, it can't be a pitch-name, and if it doesn't come immediately after a backslash, then it can't be a variable-name. Not inside a music _expression_, it can't be a pitch-name.

Ed Ardzinski wrote:
>I have found that using upper case Roman numerals is helpful

When there's a sequence of 26 or fewer things that need names, sometimes I use letters, e.g. variables for music expressions pertaining to the 3rd movement's 2nd violin part would begin cVnb.

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