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Better Jazz Chord Symbols

From: Robert Schmaus
Subject: Better Jazz Chord Symbols
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 17:40:12 +0100
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Dear Everyone,

based on the Lilypond file "", I've created a counterpart for typsetting of jazz sheet music. It is accordingly called "jazz-chords.ily" and all you need to do is include it in your ly source file to get more jazz-like chordnames.

Some remarks about it:

1. Obviously, it is not complete. Whenever you play jazz music, you will come across yet *another* chord that you haven't seen before. The chords included are the most common ones plus several that I've come across since I use Lilypond. Anyway, there are loads of 11 and 13 chords that are not yet defined.

2. Also, there are lots of personal preferences in how to write jazz chords. Starting with basics as "mi", "m", "min" or "-" for the minor mode - all of them are out there and all of them are correct. Same goes for the major symbol or "minor7b5" chords, where to put tensions in brackets, and so on. I've made jazz-chords according to my own preferences - change it to match your own, if yours are different.

3. If you define symbols for chords which are not yet included, please send them back to me, so I can expand jazz-chords.ily and release a new version of it in time. (Or should it go into the snippets repository anyway?)

The "normal" chords (without stacked tensions in a bracket) are easy to make. As of now, I haven't managed to create a markup command that produces those chords with two stacked tensions in a bracket. If you'd like to create a chord with stacked tensions, use one of the existing ones as template. Of course, changes of preferences must be made in all of these individually, at least until I have time figure out the command-problem.

Attached to this mal, you'll find the files

"jazz-chords.ily" containing the jazz chords definitions
"" - check, how each chord is called
"jazz-text.pdf" - how the output should look like

Hope this is useful to some of you ...


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