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Rehearsal Marks in a Frenched Score

From: Nick Baskin
Subject: Rehearsal Marks in a Frenched Score
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2011 21:38:39 -0500

Hey all,

In a large-scale Frenched score for band, I would like to have rehearsal marks appear above the woodwinds as well as above the brass. In doing so, however, I have encountered two problems in 2.14.2:

1) In adapting the snippet from NR 1.8.1 to refer to StaffGroup instead of just Staff, the rehearsal marks are both printed above the topmost staff instead of above the top staff in each system, as would be correct. Explicitly adding the two engravers to the individual StaffGroups does not solve the problem.

2) When one of the StaffGroups is removed entirely, the rehearsal marks associated with that StaffGroup are still printed, which they should not be.

The attached minimal file illustrates the current output. How can I address these issues?

Nick Baskin

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