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Re: RUMOR Midi utility & Frescobaldi - Menu Error?

From: martinwguy
Subject: Re: RUMOR Midi utility & Frescobaldi - Menu Error?
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 07:48:39 +0100

On 7 January 2013 00:20, SoundsFromSound <address@hidden> wrote:
> Everything has been fine up until tonight when I installed RUMOR for MIDI w/
> LilyPond.  See attached picture: it seems like there are massive duplicates
> showing up each time the program is opened - it won't stop - and I'd prefer
> to keep RUMOR installed because it's awesome.

Woo! That's worrying! :)

I've tried to reproduce this (by installing frescobaldi then rumor on
Ubuntu) but get the usual  8-item "Insert" menu.  It looks (from the
font!) like you are using Ubuntu too.

It could be a frescobaldi bug, but it looks so bizzarre as to suggest
system corruption.
A couple of ideas to narrow down on the problem:
* To test for corruption of user data (like in .config/frescobaldi)
you can try creating a new user and running your test as that user. If
it runs the same, then it's not that.
* To test for main filesystem corruption you can try:
apt-get install --reinstall frescobaldi lilypond rumor

Can you be more explicit about the exact steps to follow to reproduce this bug?



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