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Re: Guide to Writing Orchestral Scores with Lilypond?????

From: SoundsFromSound
Subject: Re: Guide to Writing Orchestral Scores with Lilypond?????
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2013 11:28:44 -0800 (PST)

Hi Antonio,

That's very kind of you to offer your own personal documentation on how you
grasped LilyPond and its power.  I'm sure that if you put together a PDF
guide and uploaded it somewhere (Dropbox, your site, etc) and posted the
link here in the mailing list, many would be grateful and appreciative.

Good luck!


Antonio Gervasoni wrote
> About a year ago, when I discovered Lilypond, I decided that the best way
> to learn it was to typeset an old composition and compare the result to
> the first score. I then decided that the work should be an orchestral work
> I composed back in 2003, mainly because it is a very complicated score - a
> bit "Stravinskian", with constant time signature changes, complex rhythms,
> etc. - and if Lilypond could handle that then it could certainly convince
> me as an alternative to other software.
> I never imagined it would be so hard; part of it, obviously, because I was
> a newbie and part of it because the work is indeed a very complex one
> (maybe I should have started with an easier piece!). However, it has been
> also hard because I have been unsuccesful at finding any website or blog
> thoroughly describing the basics of creating an orchestral score.
> There is an orchestral template in the Learning Manual and ideas scattered
> all over the net but nothing in the form of a "Guide to Writing Orchestral
> Scores with Lilypond". So, I had to figure out the way to do it, trying
> one solution, then another, going back and forth until I came up to a
> solution that worked for me.
> Now, I'm almost done and I'm thinking about publishing a complete
> description of how I did it. Not that I think that my process for creating
> such a score is the right one or even the best one! I just want to share
> it with other users that might find it useful and also receive feedback
> from other more experienced users in the form of advice on how to improve
> and simplify it.
> The problem is that I don't know how to do this! If I write a short guide
> of, say 20-30 pages, in pdf format, where should I post/upload it? The .ly
> files and pdf output could be uploaded to the Mutopia Project. I could
> also upload the score and parts to IMSLP. But what about the guide? Where
> should that go? Any ideas?
> I could use my own website, or create a blog and put it there, but my
> concern is about making it immediately "visible" to most Lilypond users,
> so that it can attract the attention of those of them who write orchestral
> music and generate discussion and a flow of ideas right away.
> Regards,
> Antonio

composer | sound designer
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