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Re: Replacement suggestions for Century Schoolbook?

From: Henning Hraban Ramm
Subject: Re: Replacement suggestions for Century Schoolbook?
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2013 22:31:24 +0100

Am 2013-01-08 um 11:36 schrieb Alexander Kobel:

> On 01/08/2013 11:23 AM, Josiah Boothby wrote:
>>>> I'd like to collect some suggestion for a replacement font for
>>>> Century Schoolbook.
>> [...]
>> Another source of open fonts that may be of sufficient quality for use
>> in scores is Arkandis Digital Foundry[4].
>> [...]
>> 4.
> What do you think about Tribun and Romande there? Tribun comes with a 
> condensed variant (IIRC, I used it a few times for tight lyrics), and 
> Romande's No. 2 even seems to be specifically designed with sheet music in 
> mind, if I'm not mistaken by the little I remember of French:
> [ from ]
>> Romande No2 a été réalisée pour servir à la
>> rédaction de partitions musicales. Elle offre une
>> chasse légèrement condensée et une hauteur globale
>> quelque peu réduite par rapport à la version
>> d'origine.
> Of course, this alone doesn't mean it's the best font out there for your 
> needs...

Romande is a nice font, but its fancy details don’t enhance its readability, 
esp. at small sizes.
Tribun is very close to Times New Roman (I don’t like that too much), but its 
condensed variant may fit Urs’ needs.

Greetlings, Hraban
fiëé visuëlle
Henning Hraban Ramm (I'm an assurer)

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