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Re: Guide to Writing Orchestral Scores with Lilypond?????

From: Jan-Peter Voigt
Subject: Re: Guide to Writing Orchestral Scores with Lilypond?????
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2013 09:13:51 +0100
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Hello Urs, Antonio and list,

this is a great tutorial Urs. I will recommend it to people whom I gave introductions and who want to step further. I recently introduced one guy, with plain lilypond (no scheme, no tricks) to produce some SATB-sheets. As we can see in this thread, there are a lot of people, who use lilypond to create publication ready sheet-music. I also made up my own library/framework to have a template mechanism and to have separation of concerns. Recently I created an engraver, to input overrides outside my music input. So if I have a printout and I see in measure 42 on the third 8th the slur should be shaped a little bit - but only for this special printout with its special paper settings - I can say \myEditionCommand editionTag 42 3/8 #'(path to engraver) { \shape Slur #'(...) } This way I can reuse my music variables without the need of tagged overrides, wich can be very long. My framework should be open, but it is not documented and it is not always consistent in naming and not all of my scheme-hacks are hidden behind a nice lilypond-command ... I really would like to discuss this stuff with other ponders - but this list should'nt be spoiled with such discussions and scare new users with intimate scheme-expressions ... If we would find a place to meet, we could prepare either documentation material for or for another lilypond related site. This might be <address@hidden>? But I also don't want to distract important development work in the basement!

Cheers, Jan-Peter

Am 08.01.2013 21:35, schrieb Urs Liska:

Am 08.01.2013 20:02, schrieb Antonio Gervasoni:

Now, I'm almost done and I'm thinking about publishing a complete
description of how I did it. Not that I think that my process for creating such a score is the right one or even the best one! I just want to share it with other users that might find it useful and also receive feedback from
other more experienced users in the form of advice on how to improve and
simplify it.

This is a _very_ good idea, and I would be pleased to get you 'into my boat'. Last year I did something similar because I think that exactly this kind of information would be very valuable (i.e. essay style material that complements LilyPond's (very good) reference style documentation). You can have a look at if you want.

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