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Re: frescobaldi on mac

From: flup2
Subject: Re: frescobaldi on mac
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 13:00:25 -0800 (PST)


Here's the way I made MIDI work within Frescobaldi on a Mac:

* Use Macports to install portmidi and fluidsynth : in Terminal, enter
sudo port -v install portmidi 
sudo port -v install fluidsynth 

* download qsynth, a Mac GUI for fluidsynth ( ) 

* run qsynth, click "setup" 
* MIDI tab; choose "CoreMidi" in the "Midi driver" menu
* Audio tab; choose "Coreaudio" in the "Audio driver" menu
* in the same tab, set "buffer size" value to "256" and choose "Default" for
"Audio device" 
* soundfonts tab, choose any soundfont (I use the one from Musescore, feel
free to use any other). 
* validate; in the MIDI preferences of frescobaldi, choose "refresh MIDI
ports"and choose fluidsynth virtual port 

Hope this helps,


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