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Re: Hushing up Sibelius news?

From: Olivier Biot
Subject: Re: Hushing up Sibelius news?
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2013 15:02:04 +0100

On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 2:31 PM, Richard Shann <address@hidden> wrote:
On Sun, 2013-02-24 at 13:56 +0100, Olivier Biot wrote:
> And what if we could use a small USB keyboard to input notes and have
> a simplified graphical interface displaying what you just entered for
> a quick visual first inspection of the music just entered.
I guess you are aware that Denemo does exactly this?

Yes. I was merely listing a number of "user stories". Denemo can even use a microphone as input - although I haven't tried using that yet. And Denemo relies upon LilyPond for the final engraving.

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