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Accents with frescobaldi (OT?)

From: Francois Planiol
Subject: Accents with frescobaldi (OT?)
Date: Thu, 1 May 2014 14:10:58 -0500


I have an annoying issue with frescobaldi.
To get accented wovels (or whatever accented, cedilled etc) you press
first the accent then the wovel and the result is the accented wovel.
But i my configuration:
- typing accented letters works fine, only in a new file without any
flavour of markup (-language).
- typíng them outside of any context rarely works
- typing them inside of any context (markup, score, relative, lyrics
etc) also sometimes work. Pressing the accent sets it immediately,
doesnt wait for wovel

How do I get consistently the "normal" use of accented wovels?

Frescobaldi is 2.0.13
OS is ubuntu 12.04.4

Thanks in advance,


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