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Re: Odp: Left hand/right hand editorial annotation

From: Thomas Ruedas
Subject: Re: Odp: Left hand/right hand editorial annotation
Date: Thu, 01 May 2014 23:56:34 +0200
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On 1/5/14 9:43 PM, Karol Majewski wrote:
Hi Thomas. What you mean is probably so called other-hand bracket. This
feature has been requested many times, but so far there is no ultimate solution.
See this:
Karol, thanks for the pointers. I have tried the hacks I found there, but one produced a wrong result, the second a fatal error, and the third no effect at all. I guess that is due to compatibility issues, because the hacks seem to be several years old, and then, I have zero knowledge of the Scheme stuff, so I can't do much if dumb copy and paste doesn't work. It strikes me that Lilypond, which can do the most extravagant things 99% of us have never even heard of, doesn't have such a simple and fairly common symbol. Even though I can do without it right now, it would be nice to have. Maybe the developers can fill this gap?

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