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Re: Accents with frescobaldi (OT?)

From: Francois Planiol
Subject: Re: Accents with frescobaldi (OT?)
Date: Thu, 1 May 2014 20:51:14 -0500

Hello Andrew, thanks.
I had a look at the settings, but nevertheless, I would like to have
the same use of my keyboard (it a spanish one) with all programs (and
using a different layout than printed on the keys is not really what I
And anyway, this works sometimes in frescobaldi, so I suppose this
must have its soution in frescobaldi.. I suppose...
As I wrote before, the sequence for accenting wovel works sometimes
and sometimes not, so this should be fixable in a consistent manner.

2014-05-01 20:41 GMT-05:00, Andrew Bernard <address@hidden>:
> Francois,
> I am an English speaker so therefore not highly qualified to comment on
> matters French, but the keyboard input settings are a Ubuntu system
> settings parameter, not specific to Frescobaldi. Without wishing to be
> Anglocentric at all, if you use the keyboard layout "English
> (international with Alt Gr dead keys)" and use the right Alt key then
> type the accent followed by the letter, all works fine in every program.
> I am using Linux Mint which is based on Ubuntu, so this should work for
> you. You may prefer other accent input techniques, but the point is that
> it's a system settting, and Frescobaldi follows that. Frescobaldi 2.0.15
> certainly works fine.
> This keyboard setting is explained nicely here:
> Hope this points you in the right direction. French keyboard users may
> have better answers for you.
> Andrew
>> Francois Planiol <mailto:address@hidden>
>> Friday, May 02, 2014 5:10 AM
>> Hello,
>> I have an annoying issue with frescobaldi.
>> To get accented wovels (or whatever accented, cedilled etc) you press
>> first the accent then the wovel and the result is the accented wovel.

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