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Re: Unknown Schumann piece

From: Brian Barker
Subject: Re: Unknown Schumann piece
Date: Sun, 04 May 2014 13:13:02 +0100

At 13:09 04/05/2014 +0200, Martin Tarenskeen wrote:
What are the rules for the vertical placement of rests in polyphonic writing? Are there any? For example in my Schumann piece, lower staff, Lilypond did a very ugly choice by default and I had to use something like b'\rest even for this very simple piece. (Don't know if that's the correct placement but it looks fine to my eyes)

Elaine Gould says (pp. 36-7):
For clarity, upper-part rest are usually placed above the centre stave-line, lower-part rests below the centre line When one part lies outside the stave (on ledger lines), crotchet, quaver, and shorter-value rests for the other part may move back to the centre of the stave
Semibreve and minim rests must never stray across the centre stave line
When both parts have rests simultaneously, as in strict contrapuntal writing, separate these with at least one stave-line Many editions place all minim and semibreve rests only on the outside stave-lines, to avoid confusion; some avoid rests on the middle stave-line, for the same reason

This last remark appears to describe (and validate?) what Lilypond does by default. But it's clearly not the only way.

Brian Barker

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