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Redefining parentheses

From: shtangencirkul
Subject: Redefining parentheses
Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 01:17:12 +0400

Hello, can you help me -

I need redefining "(" and ")" with folowing parameters:
1. Saving usual Slur (and Beam, Stem etc.).
2. No space (or minimum) between notes only under the slur.
(Like Kievan Ligature in Ancient notation, but on the usually default-style Staff)

Now I use this function:
SN = #(define-music-function (parser location  music) (ly:music?)
  \newSpacingSection \override Score.SpacingSpanner.spacing-increment = #0
   \newSpacingSection \revert Score.SpacingSpanner.spacing-increment

% In this variant NEXT FIRST NOTE after this function haven't space too,
% and I insert invisible objects (bars) for spacing.
% Strange solve, I see, but I can`t find something else yet. 

     \once \override Score.BarLine.transparent = ##t
     \bar "" \noBreak \bar "" \noBreak
All working fine for nonmetric Russian or Byzantic Orthodox Church songs
(One Voice with Ison (is a drone note) ) with cadenza and some layot tweaks.  
But code look like:

    \SN{ c1 (c2 c4 c1)} for each slured notes.

I think about redefining "(" and ")" for simplifying code and for future compatibility.

I saw examlpe with redefinig

      "(" = \melisma 
     melisma = #(context-spec-music (make-property-set 'melismaBusy #t) 'Bottom)  in /usr/hare/lilypond/current ,

but I understand how can I hack this code for my task.

Thank you. 

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