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Request for advice: how to install documents

From: mark damerell
Subject: Request for advice: how to install documents
Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 22:50:03 +0100

Lubuntu 12.04, I recently downloaded Lilypond 2.18.2, (Linux generic package
from ) Then

sudo sh ./ --doc --prefix /usr/local

This ran without visible error and lilypond works, but the documents are badly

1. Man pages are in    /usr/local/lilypond/usr/share/man/man1   (at least the
ones I have found) and the man program cannot find them.

2. There are lots of  html  and  pdf  files in


and sub-directories and there seem to be several  copies of everything that
is represented. So please is there a sensible way to install the documents?
By "sensible" I mean: one copy of each manual, and some convenient
way of reading it. 

Another problem appears when I try to read the manuals from the website.
The split HTML files have navigation buttons for next page etc, and I cannot
get them to work.

Please any advice? Thank you

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