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Re: Strange difference between Lilypond and Guile plain

From: R. Mattes
Subject: Re: Strange difference between Lilypond and Guile plain
Date: Thu, 8 May 2014 17:45:34 +0200

On Thu, 08 May 2014 17:12:04 +0200, David Kastrup wrote
> Yes.  LilyPond defines a music function \void, and (ice-9 syncase) gets
> confused by that for whatever stupid reason (the bug is reported, but
> don't expect any 1.8 releases any more).  Guile 2.0 works but of course
> that is of little consolation.  I think there are command line
> options for "preloading" some Scheme files: those might work before
> \void gets defined.
> Other than that, you can put
> (define-module (scm syntactic-shugar) #:use-syntax (ice-9 syncase)
>   #:export-syntax (when unless))
> at the top of your file, and
> (use-modules (scm syntactic-shugar))
> after loading it.
> Basically, keep syncase from seeing the LilyPond main module when
> loading it.

Ah, thank's for the info. Putting my code into a module indeed solves
the problem.

 Cheers, RalfD

> --
> David Kastrup

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