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Re: Transposing instruments in orchestra score

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Transposing instruments in orchestra score
Date: Fri, 09 May 2014 10:39:18 +0200
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Orm Finnendahl <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi all,
>  as I understand the situation, the most convenient situation for all
> would be the possibility of a context switch in mid-score affecting
> the way lilypond is interpreting (seeing) the pitches, which could get
> changed globally by including different files with redefinitions of
> the context-switch statement. This is in analogy of the transposition
> statement except that it doesn't affect midi but notation and
> therefore probably is much trickier to handle properly.

A lot of things look at pitches.  With Midi, it's just an offset to the
final output.  You could do stuff like

\transposition #(ly:make-pitch 0 0 3/100)

and that has a reasonable interpretation (no idea whether the way
pitches are implemented will result in reasonable Midi, though).  With
visuals, not so much.  And it's not just an "offset": a whole
arrangement of notename and accidentals and custom engravers might
depend on them.

David Kastrup

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