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Transcribing individual score pages from scans

From: David Cuenca
Subject: Transcribing individual score pages from scans
Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 12:16:12 +0200


I'm a contributor from Wikisource, an online digital library part of the Wikimedia Foundation, where we transcribe works in the public domain. Since last year we have enabled a mediawiki extension to render scores [1], which now enables our users to transcribe pages with music like these [2] [3]

Of course that is great when a work is only one page long, but for us it becomes problematic to stitch together all the different pages into a single one (what we call "transclusion").
Some users are just considering each page independent, but that doesn't allow us to generate a whole lilypond file for download. For instance check this Catalan song [4], if you click on "edit" you will see that we are combining two pages [5] and [6], where the text resides.

What we would like is to combine these pages to generate the lilypond file. I have been checking the input structure documentation [7] and I found "\book" and "\bookpart", but I didn't see anything like "\bookpage".
Is there any command that would help us to achieve the page separation that we need?

David -- User:Micru


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