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Typesetting exercises with blank space

From: James Harkins
Subject: Typesetting exercises with blank space
Date: Sat, 10 May 2014 18:43:49 +0800
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I want to create an exercise for some beginning composition students, where I will provide some short melody fragments sprinkled through a longer score. Most measures will be empty, but I want LilyPond to leave enough space for the students to write in their own notes. I looked in the notation reference at "horizontal spacing" (which appears to be concerned more with note spacing) and "breaks" (where I found quite a bit about allowing extra breaks, which is the opposite of what I want).

I'm sure it's documented, but 1/ my mental map of the LP documentation isn't comprehensive enough and 2/ my brain is fried and I simply can't think of a reasonable search term for this at the moment.

I could imagine either:

- a setting to force a certain number of bars per system, or

- an override to set the minimum measure width.


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