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Re: proportional spacing… ?

From: Pierre Perol-Schneider
Subject: Re: proportional spacing… ?
Date: Sun, 11 May 2014 10:05:32 +0200

2014-05-11 1:02 GMT+02:00 Paul Malcolm <address@hidden>:
Dear Pierre, thanks for the reply. I tried the staff size change you suggested and it 
didn't seem to work. 
I checked my version number with (from the command line prompt) lilypond -v
Im running version 2.14.2 on a MacBook Pro

Well, then delete \version "2.10.33" in your code.
If I turn off all my naive attempts at controlling the horizontal spacings I get what is 
shown in the attached file. The last 5 lines are what Im looking for, but this is strange 
as effectively all measures in the file are the same in number of notes. 

I think you have to admit that it simply doesn't fit on a single A4 page.
You can either change page dimension or try something like :

\paper {

   indent = 0

   ragged-last-bottom = ##f

   ragged-bottom = ##f

   system-count = 21

   page-count = 2


to get it on two pages.
I also tried some snippets but they failed to generate pdf file. 
For example this snippet

I got an error saying incorrect number of argument in the make-moment. 
This is also puzzling. I understand make-moment to take two arguments, but the 
snippet lists what appears to be a single argument like a fraction a/b
Is this a new version of make-moment that is not supported by the version of 
lilypond I am using perhaps ? 

Absolutely, wrong version.
for v2.14 use :
  \override SpacingSpanner #'base-shortest-duration = #(ly:make-moment 1 2)


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