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Re: ADVOCACY "Digital Edition" conference

From: Janek Warchoł
Subject: Re: ADVOCACY "Digital Edition" conference
Date: Sun, 11 May 2014 21:43:25 +0200


2014-05-10 22:51 GMT+02:00 Colin Campbell <address@hidden>:
> I'd like to propose that, for
> posts dealing with introducing LP to wider audiences, suggesting switching
> from commercial products and the like, we "tag" the subject with "ADVOCACY",
> so those looking for assistance and those making suggestions will have a way
> of filtering posts, without needing a section on the web site (that might be
> a good idea, anyway), or starting a new mail list.

This is similar to my idea of gathering such resources in one place -
i've already started this at
; it may be a good idea to continue developing that.  Tagging posts on
the mailing list is a good idea, but i'm afraid that we'll keep
forgetting about this.


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