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Re: Tremolos not working in cued voice

From: Gez
Subject: Re: Tremolos not working in cued voice
Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 17:06:42 +0100
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I thought I should post the output to make it clearer what the problem is...


On 12/05/2014 15:11, Gez wrote:
When inserting a cue which contains a tremolo, the note heads and stems are showing up but not the beams. Is it something I've done or missed out? I've made a (reasonably) tiny example:
\version "2.16.2"

cueVoice =

\relative c'' {


\repeat tremolo 3 { b8 e }


mainVoice =

\relative c'' {

\time 3/4

\repeat tremolo 3 { b8 e }

\new CueVoice {\set instrumentCueName = "cue"}

\cueDuring "cue"#UP

{R2. }

\addQuote "cue"{ \cueVoice }


\score {

\new Staff \mainVoice

\layout { }


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