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Re: Whiteout attached to NoteHead

From: James Worlton
Subject: Re: Whiteout attached to NoteHead
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 07:36:22 -0500

On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 12:28 AM, Javier Ruiz-Alma <address@hidden> wrote:
>I'm trying to get the whiteout that is attached to the NoteHead to not
cover the ledger line. Also, it would be ideal if I could extend the width
of the whiteout to the width of the ledger lines.

Does this work? (replace the \with-color value to color #white)

aBox = \markup {
                   \with-dimensions #'(0 . 0) #'(0 . 0)
                   \with-color #red
                   \filled-box #'(-0.3 . 1.6) #'(-1.4 . -0.4) #0

\score {
  \new Staff {
    \time 3/4
    << { \voiceOne
         r4 c'''2~
       } \new Voice
       { \voiceTwo
         r4 r8
         \override NoteHead.layer = #2
         f'''8^\aBox d'''4
    } >> \oneVoice

Javier, this creates a box in the size that I want. I had to raise the layer of the box to be the same layer as the notehead in order for it to mask the tie like I wanted. So basically the code I'm using now is what you provided plus the addition of:
\override TextScript.layer = #2
Thanks for this!

James W.

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