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Setting "accent notes" in a drum staff

From: Markus Brueckner
Subject: Setting "accent notes" in a drum staff
Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 22:45:42 +0200
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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to use Lilypond to typeset drum notes for a bigband. While
this might not be the area, where Lilypond shines the most, I've had
considerable success so far. Now however, I'm stuck.
Especially in Swing/Jazz music, notation is sometimes quite minimal, the
whole sheet consisting more or less only of \repeat percent something.
What is quite common is the notation of unison accents as some kind of
"second voice" above the line (see [0] for an example. The small notes
on top of the line are basically the rhythm of what the whole band plays
at that point. The notes are quite a bit smaller than what would be on
the line, if there was something).
Can I somehow (preferably easily) do something like this in Lilypond? If
yes: how? If read the documentation and browsed throught snippets etc.,
but I don't seem to use the right search terms (quite possible, as I
have no idea, how those notes are actually called).

Thanks for your patience.
So long,

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