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Widening ledger lines by overriding LedgerLineSpanner

From: Paul Morris
Subject: Widening ledger lines by overriding LedgerLineSpanner
Date: Tue, 27 May 2014 21:12:15 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all, I'm trying to widen ledger lines:

\version "2.18.2"
\new Staff \with {

  % This widens ledger lines:
  % \override LedgerLineSpanner.length-fraction = #0.4

  % This should too but it doesn't. Instead it increases 
  % horizontal spacing between notes. (?)
  \override LedgerLineSpanner.minimum-length-fraction = #1

} {
  c d e f
  g a b c'

According to the docs[1], LedgerLineSpanner.minimum-length-fraction is the
"Minimum length of ledger line as fraction of note head size." 


They also say that LedgerLineSpanner.length-fraction is a "Multiplier for
lengths. Used for determining ledger lines and stem lengths."  But does it
really affect stem lengths?  I could see no indication that it does either
in the docs for Stem[2] or when experimenting with the snippet above.  


So I'm able to widen the ledger lines with length-fraction, but I'm
wondering whether that will affect stem lengths?  And it seems that
minimum-length-fraction is not working as described?

Does anyone happen to know anything more about these properties?  Any
insights appreciated.


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