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Re: midi note durations

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: midi note durations
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 10:27:16 +0200
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address@hidden writes:

> David Kastrup:

>> >>>> print lily.translate.LilypondConverter().textFromMusic21Object(s)
>> > \version "2.19" 
>> Huh.  2.19 without further qualification does not make all that much
>> sense as the development releases are where all the changes happen.  But
>> then I'm happy that we are not talking about, say, 2.10.2 here.
> midi2ly gives you
>  \version "2.14.0"
> does that make better sense,

I was talking about "2.19" being too unspecific as "2.19.0" is quite
different from "2.19.8".

For midi2ly, generating up-to-date LilyPond code (for current stable) is
perfectly fine in my opinion.  When midi2ly is not updated or worked on,
bumping the version number without changing the actual code, however,
seems pretty pointless.

> or what version to aim at that gives you a sufficiently modern thing
> without beeing to much bleeding edge, what's the best balance ?

For music21, the question is a bit more tricky than for LilyPond itself.
Unless specific features make this desirable, it's probably defensible
to aim for something like "stable from about 1 year ago".

>> >       << \new Staff  = xbdycdydc { \key c \major 
>> >              \time 1/4
>> >              g 8..  
>> >              r 32  
>> >              \time 3/4
>> >              < e'  c'  > 4   

Minor nitpick: too many spaces for my taste.

>> This looks fairly usable.
> Yes, it is. Is it time to replace midi2ly, or just point to music21
> for midi->lilypond conversions ?

midi2ly is a small delivered add-on included with LilyPond.  There is a
genuine use case for that kind of thing, but its quality and maintenance
considerably water down the deal.

I think that someoneā„¢ should check out viable other solutions for Midi
import/input (Frescobaldi?  Denemo?  Music21?) and then we might try
updating the manual with recommendations about what may be used
gainfully for what kind of task.

At the current point of time, midi2ly is not in the class where we are
doing our users a favor by not mentioning anything else.

David Kastrup

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