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Re: Text above chord names - continued.

From: Lars-Johan Liman
Subject: Re: Text above chord names - continued.
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 16:01:12 +0200
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> Hi,


Lars-Johan Liman:
>> My trusty friend Google found me a useful code snippet by Thomas Morley
>> (Many thanks, Thomas!) in this message:

Thomas Morley:
> Glad that it is still useful

Oh, yes! Snippets like that are invaluable in any type of coding
environment - be that Lilypond, Emacs-Lisp, LaTeX or SIMULA-67 (hmm,
maybe not so much anymore ... ;-).

> Well, the function takes a markup-argument.
> You could insert \with-dimensions ...
> see below

Ah! Thanks. I'll try that when I have a chance back home.

> Drawback is, that it may cause collisions.

>     \addMarkup
>       \markup \with-dimensions #'(0 . 0) #'(-1 . 1) \italic "Solo second time"

Yup, having dealt with TeX for 30 years that's fully understood.
'Dimension = 0' has that effect ... ;-)


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