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Re: get and print current clef

From: Paul Morris
Subject: Re: get and print current clef
Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 12:18:41 -0700 (PDT)

David Kastrup wrote
>> Good idea.  Thinking about the wording, what about \clef \current
>> instead?
> Not negotiable:
>> I see that \default already works here, although I don't know why.  (I
>> couldn't find \default in the manuals.)
> <URL:>
> Yes, it's underrepresented in pretty much _all_ manuals.
>> One reason \current is clearer is that the "default" clef when a clef
>> is not specified is always the treble clef.  Anyway, just something to
>> consider.
> We already have \key \default for a similar purpose.
>> Here's something else to consider.  Should the following display the
>> second
>> bass clef?  
>> {
>>   \clef bass
>>   c1
>>   \clef bass
>>   c1
>> }
>> For example, I can see users asking "Why do I have to use \clef \default? 
>> Why can't I just enter \clef bass again?  Why doesn't \clef always
>> display a
>> clef?"
>> Hmmm... are there any cases where you'd want to enter \clef ... but
>> not display a clef?  (I realize that changing this behavior would
>> entail more significant code changes than \clef \default.)
> \clef treble ... \repeat unfold 2 { \clef treble ... \clef bass ... }
> You don't want to see the treble clef in the first unfold of the
> repetition.
> Also instrument definitions may contain a clef.  When invoking a
> particular instrument that happens to use the same clef as previously,
> you don't want to see a clef repetition.

Ok, I see.  Thanks for the link to the explanation of \default, and for
those examples of when you wouldn't want to display a clef again.

One possibility, that I'll just mention for what it's worth, would be to
allow the use of "!" to force clefs to appear like you can force accidentals
to appear.  Something like this:

  \clef bass
  ces2 ces!
  \clef bass!
  ces2 ces!

But having \clef \default will do the job, so this would probably be


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