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Re: Question about 2.19 and \partial

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Question about 2.19 and \partial
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2015 09:59:51 +0200
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Steven Weber <address@hidden> writes:

> Hey everyone!
> I've got a question about typesetting partials in the middle of a piece and
> what their bar number should be.
> If you have a partial at the beginning of a piece, the bar number is
> (essentially) 0 - it doesn't count as far as bar numbers go.  Because of
> that, I assumed that partials in the middle of the piece would be the same -
> they either have the bar number of the previous bar, or the bar number of
> the next bar.  However, it appears that partial bars get their own bar
> number:

If you let the previous bar _end_, there will be a bar line and a bar
number.  If you don't want to extend the previous bar (using \partial
before it ends, possibly at its beginning) you may extend the following
bar by using something like \partial 4*5 and place a \bar "|" manually.

> Is this expected typesetting behavior?

More or less.  I just have the Henle edition of Mozart piano sonatas
open randomly (KV284), and there I see the structure

bar 219    4*4 | 4*4 | 2*4 || \time 3/4
Var XII Allegro
bar 222      4 | 3*4 | 3*4 | 3*4 | 3*4 | 3*4 |
bar 227    3*4 ...

Soooo.  Partial bar at the end of movement counts as 1 bar.  Partial bar
at the start of the next movement gets the _next_ bar number (bar
numbers are written always at the start of the system in this edition)
but does not count extra.  So while it gets the bar number, the bar
number really is that one for the next bar.  So this would be the
LilyPond structure

r1 | r1 | \partial 2 r2 | \bar "||" \time 3/4 \partial 4*4
\mark "Var. XII" \tempo "Allegro" r4 \bar "|" r2. | r2. | ...

David Kastrup

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