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Re: Partial Bars

From: Pierre Perol-Schneider
Subject: Re: Partial Bars
Date: Fri, 3 Jul 2015 11:10:01 +0200

Hi Simon,

2015-07-03 10:53 GMT+02:00 Simon Albrecht <address@hidden>:
– As Lily correctly handles it, both alternatives always start at the same bar number (at least in this convention counting repeats only once). Thus, the close of the minuet would have bar 16a for the first, 16b for the second alternative and (16b) for the partial measure opening the trio. (The other convention to which I’m alluding would have 24, 32, and (32) respectively, but that isn’t yet supported by Lily.)
– And a small, unrelated remark: the upbeat for the Trio should read r8 r4, not the other way round :-)
Of course ;)

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