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Re: Switching on/off instrument staff

From: Robert Schmaus
Subject: Re: Switching on/off instrument staff
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2015 14:00:08 +0200

Hi Chris, 

The tag method is a fantastic tool in many cases, so it's great to be aware of it. Just in this particular case it's maybe not the easiest way to go. 

Yeah, that's how I mostly use variables as well - placing just the music in variables and then, in the score block, build up a 

\new StaffGroup <<
  \new Staff \new Voice \someMusic 
  \new Staff <<
     \new Voice { \voiceOne \moreMusic }
    \new Voice { \voiceTwo \yetMoreMusic }

I find this a very clear structure ... and it allows me to have a "complete" template where you just comment out  all \Staffs you don't need in a particular case. 

Cheers, Rob


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On 8 Jul 2015, at 13:11, Chris Yate <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Rob,

Wow, thanks, that's a much neater way. I think I should probably look at refactoring my band template.

I agree, my method is a bit complicated -- but it's bothering me a bit, because I think there was a reason I did it like this in the first place! Could well be an insufficient understanding at the time, of how variables work :-)

I do already use variables as:

violinMusic = { a b c d }

violinVoice = \new Voice {
 % voice setup stuff %


On 8 July 2015 at 09:58, Robert Schmaus <address@hidden> wrote:
In addition to the suggested way with tags (which surely works, but
which I find overly complicated), a simpler way would be to simply place
the Staffs in variables and comment out the ones you don't want to have
in the next engraving. Like this:

violinStaff = \new Staff \with { instrumentName = "Violin" }{
            \relative c'' { c4 d e f }

celloStaff = \new Staff \with { instrumentName = "Cello" }{
            \relative c { c4 d e f }


IMO there's no need for a complicated tag structure, just go for a
simple approach. You will want to use a variable structure for any
non-trivial score anyway ...

Best, Rob

Am 07/07/15 um 17:42 schrieb Víctor:
> Hello Lilyponders:
> Is there a way to place a switch in some instrument part so it is not
> rendered when such switch is off? Something like:
> \score{
>     <<
>         \new Staff \with { instrumentName = "Violin" }{
>             \relative c'' { c4 d e f }
>         }
>         \new Staff \with { instrumentName = "Cello" }{
>             \relative c { c4 d e f }
>         }
>     >>
> }
> \layout{
>     \disableCello
> }
> Thanks,
> Víctor.
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