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Re: Starting off a new community book project

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Starting off a new community book project
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 11:28:29 +0200
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Hi Henning,

these would make nice chapters in the book.
However, at the moment I've already had to interrupt thinking about the
book as I'll only continue with that once my server transfer has fully
been completed.


Am 17.07.2015 um 11:20 schrieb Henning Hraban Ramm:
> Hi Urs,
> I and some of my friends working with LilyPond mostly produce lead sheets for 
> folk/scout/pop songs and some simple choir scores.
> For beginners it’s a challenge to get scores with chord names and lyrics, 
> plus additional verses at the end.
> I’ll gladly provide my template that also shows how to use variables to allow 
> different versions (PDF and MIDI) etc.
> I also have my own workflow of including LilyPond code within ConTeXt (the 
> LaTeX alternative) to make songbooklets.
> see
> I can’t promise to help with anything else at the moment (CSS, Python, Bash 
> would be candidates).
> Greetlings, Hraban
> Am 2015-06-25 um 01:41 schrieb Urs Liska <address@hidden>:
>> Hello fellow LilyPonders,
>> recently Federico raised my attention by pointing out the release of a
>> new book on "Mastering MuseScore". After some discussion, consideration
>> and poking around I decided to lay the foundation for a new community
>> book about a) LilyPond and b) the "plain text" complex with LilyPond,
>> LaTeX and Git.
>> Actually it's not a new idea but one that was already in the back of my
>> mind when I started the "openLilyLib tutorials" and the respective type
>> of posts on Scores of Beauty. There always was the wish to gather this
>> sort of information to a more or less coherent entity like a book.
>> So what I have by now is not "presentable" but it's in a state that I
>> can (and have to) announce it in the form of a "call for contribution".
>> The idea of the "book" is to focus on those topics that the mailing list
>> reveals to be regular stumbling blocks for new (or sometimes also
>> seasoned) users. We want to assist them by gently going into great depth
>> where the official documentation has to remain concise and
>> reference-like. What I'm most interested in personally is that step from
>> the needs of occasional or regular users to the more involved but also
>> more exciting things, talking about aspects like getting into the spirit
>> of using Scheme, or best practice suggestions to organize larger projects.
>> For quite some time this "book" will have more empty than written pages,
>> and it doesn't have to aim at becoming a coherent "textbook". But I hope
>> that we may achieve something that is comprehensive in the sense that it
>> helps people diving more deeply in the LilyPond world.
>> The book is authored in Markdown using GitBook
>> (, a Node.js application that
>> builds the book as a statically served HTML site.
>> The official URL (where you can already have a first glimpse) is
>>, and the development repository is at
>> There is another location where unmerged branches will be automatically
>> built to when pushed, for example
>> It will be possible to edit the pages online or locally, with the local
>> way being somewhat more flexible but requiring the installation of a few
>> tools and dependencies.
>> Now I'm asking for contribution in several fields:
>> 1)
>> Improving the infrastructure and appearance. The most urgent issue is
>> adding a CSS stylesheet for the table of contents. The regular TOC is
>> always expanded, and it is clear that the TOC of that book will soon
>> become inacceptably long. So we need a foldable/expandable navigation
>> bar where initially most items are folded.
>> Probably there's room for other improvments in the styling of the book,
>> but that's not that urgent.
>> There are other things on the functionality side where I'd be happy not
>> to be alone with. These would involve some Node.js, Python and bash
>> programming.
>> 2)
>> General discussion about potential contents, i.e. working on the outline
>> of un-written chapters
>> 3)
>> Content contribution. One thing that might be attractive to start with
>> is integrating existing posts from Scores of Beauty. This may be trivial
>> in some cases, in other cases one has to do significant rearrangements.
>> As development and deployment take place on my personal server I can't
>> fully open up the access, which means that anyone who wants to
>> contribute has to ask me explicitly for an account.
>> Best wishes
>> Urs
>> -- 
>> Urs Liska
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>> address@hidden
> Greetlings, Hraban
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> Henning Hraban Ramm
> (I'm an assurer)

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