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Re: sharping naturals

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: sharping naturals
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 09:59:32 +0200
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Am 24.07.2015 um 09:52 schrieb Peter Bjuhr:
> On 2015-07-23 19:29, Malte Meyn wrote:
>> By the way, how would one write a g natural in b major, if ‘g’ lead
>> to a g sharp? ‘ges’? But if so, how to write a ges? 
> I assume you mean g# minor with the same accidentals in the key
> signature as b major. The lead tone to gis (g sharp) is fisis (f
> double-sharp) and not g (natural).

I think you misunderstood Malte's (not completely properly worded)
question. He didn't use 'lead' in the sense of leading note. What he
meant is:
"If a key signature of b major (five sharps) is given and in a notation
system typing 'g' would be interpreted as g sharp - what would you have
to write if you want to express a g natural?"

And as I've said that input language would then have a syntax to express


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