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Re: difficult question to ask about spacing

From: Stephen MacNeil
Subject: Re: difficult question to ask about spacing
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 13:50:10 -0400

sorry forgot to post to list

>1.) Use \stopStaff, spacer rests, and \startStaff, or >2.) Use a markup line with two scores and a horizontal space in between.
>Version 2 theoretically offers full flexibility, but all spacing (in particular, vertical spacing) is computed separately from the overall score. >If your score is even slightly non-trivial, chances are that you will end up with a imperfect solution even after fiddling around with many >settings,

The markup solution works, I don't really understand the problem with "(in particular, vertical spacing)" 
1. I don't see any problem and
2. that can be changed. Could you give an example.
>Bottom line: does anybody know whether it's possible to redraw a SystemStartBrace in the middle of the line and thus solve the issue of the first >version? I already spent some hours (mostly trial-and-error) on that a while ago, but could not achieve anything useful.

>possible to redraw a SystemStartBrace

Not that I know of.


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