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Re: difficult question to ask about spacing

From: Alexander Kobel
Subject: Re: difficult question to ask about spacing
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 20:31:31 +0200
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Hi Stephen, hi everybody.

On 07/24/2015 07:50 PM, Stephen MacNeil wrote:
1.) Use \stopStaff, spacer rests, and \startStaff, or 2.) Use a
markup line with two scores and a horizontal space in between.

Version 2 theoretically offers full flexibility, but all spacing
(in particular, vertical spacing) is computed separately from the
overall score. If your score is even slightly non-trivial, chances
are that you will end up with a imperfect solution even after
fiddling around with many >settings,

The markup solution works,

Actually, I agree that it works a lot better than it used to a few versions ago.

I don't really understand the problem with "(in particular, vertical spacing)"
1. I don't see any problem and
2. that can be changed.
Could you give an example.

Sure - find it attached. Contrieved, but trust me that similar issues occur in real scores.

The most prevalent problem with the score heights not being synchronized over the markups can, of course, be corrected without too much trouble, e.g. by adding hidden notes such that the "optical ambitus" is identical in both "partial scores."
Slightly more annoying are the facts that
- the overall score is (logically) interrupted,
- measure numbers need to be changed afterwards, time signatures need to be removed manually when the (logical) score continues, RehearsalMark counters etc. as well, - changing line breaks near the markup means moving content in the sources (not to mention that automatic line break determination is inhibited), - you have to adjust score-markup and markup-score distances before and after the coda line (very annoying, because they are at paper block level and cannot easily be changed throughout the file, and the score might go on), - vertical spacing inside the markup and at the top-level is not related (the spacing in the top-level score gets tighter if more systems come on the page, the distance in the markup stays),
- per-score layout settings need to be duplicated.

Nothing which cannot be worked around, I agree; but it will require some dedication...

Bottom line: does anybody know whether it's possible to redraw a
SystemStartBrace in the middle of the line and thus solve the issue
of the first version? I already spent some hours (mostly
trial-and-error) on that a while ago, but could not achieve
anything useful.

Not that I know of.



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