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Re: sharping naturals

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: sharping naturals
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2015 21:00:35 +0200

> On 23 Jul 2015, at 18:33, Brother Gabriel-Marie <address@hidden> wrote:
> When you use key signatures like A major or B Major you end up with a lot of 
> naturals in the score for which you may have to manually add sharps.
> Is there a switch that will automatically sharp all the naturals?

One can change the meaning of the note names. This is done in the GHB (Great 
Highland Bagpipe) file This music is in A Mixolydian, so it defines 
note names for that. Then it is traditional to suppress the key signature in 
this bagpipe notation.

However, the music is still typeset internally in the A Mixolydian scale, and 
the key signature does not alter the values of the note names.

But if you have a heap of ABC music, which follows the convention you seem to 
want, and does not want to convert it to LilyPond notation, it might be useful.

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