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Re: German Hyphenation

From: Henning Hraban Ramm
Subject: Re: German Hyphenation
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2015 09:34:22 +0600

I always wanted to ask that myself. I use LilyPond 2.18 and Frescobaldi on OSX 
Now as I looked deeper into that problem, I could solve it:

My Frescobaldi was configured only with LibreOffice’s personal dictionary 
folder (~/Library/Application Support/LibreOffice/4/user/wordbook) plus aspell 
dictionaries (from MacPorts). Frescobaldi doesn’t seem to be able to use those.

You need to point Frescobaldi to LibreOffice’s real dictionaries. Unfortunately 
those are buried within the application bundle, and the file dialog doesn’t let 
you open that.
So, select in Finder, right click, „show contents“.
Navigate to Contents/Resources. Create an Alias of that folder somewhere and 
point Frescobaldi to your dictionary folder within: …/extensions/dict-de

Now it works for me. Thank you for the reminder ;)

Ths should be easier on Linux and Windows, since there are no application 

Greetlings, Hraban
fiëé visuëlle
Henning Hraban Ramm (I'm an assurer)

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