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separating notes and fingerings

From: Mark Mathias
Subject: separating notes and fingerings
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 06:59:01 -0400

Has anyone a happier method of separating fingering from notes? I would like to produce several versions of the same music using different fingerings for different instruments.

For example, a melody might have four versions: one for violin, another for viola, another for cello and another for double bass. In addition to different clef and octave, each version would call for fingering appropriate to that instrument, but the same file including the melody would be reused in each version.

Right now if I separate notes in one \include file from fingerings in another include file and combine them as separate voices, LilyPond doesn't place the fingering voice with an awareness of the notes voice, leading to collisions.

In the version below, for example, the flageolet nearly touches the stem of the A, and the 3 is almost fully covered by the notehead of the A an octave above.

My search of manuals, snippets, etc., hasn't turned up a good method.

\version "2.19.16"
\relative c'' {
    { \stemNeutral a4 c f a }
    { s^\flageolet s^\markup { \finger "↓2" } s^\markup { \finger "↓1" } s^3 }
  g,^\flageolet c^\markup { \finger "↓2" } f^\markup { \finger "↓1" } a^3

Thank you!
Mark Mathias

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