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Questions about the edition-engraver

From: Noeck
Subject: Questions about the edition-engraver
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2016 01:05:42 +0100
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some questions about the edition-engraver as implemented in
The questions follow the example in
If the question is easily tried out, be assured I did so and I rather
mean: "And that's by design and it's a general thing?" - A simple "yes"
is enough in this case.

Is there a way to combine several editions apart from:
\addEdition test
\addEdition foo
Something like \addEdition

\consistToContexts #edition-engraver Score.Staff.Voice
Contexts not listed here can not be addressed by an \editionMod, right?

The '\editionID along' names that Staff "along" for the e-e purposes?
Can the Staff name ("BACH" in the example be used to address a staff?

\editionMod test 2 2/4 sing.with.bach.along.Staff \clef "alto"
The path sing.with.bach is up to me, right? I could use less dots in
this part? I do not need to use any path at all?
I always have to use the full path, just along.Staff would not work?
But I can start with the naming on any context level? If I have only one
score, I don't have to name it, I'd perhaps rather name the staves or

This is so cool, I should use it more.


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