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Hiding the staff generates weird straight line

From: kmg
Subject: Hiding the staff generates weird straight line
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2016 01:56:45 +0100

Hey, I tried for some time now to make my score as I want it, but I'm out of ideas. Issue: - you can see the straight line at the end of the first system and the next one is properly showing my extra staff. However, this straight line seems to act as if there was invisible extra staff in the first system, affecting the layout (there is a bigger visual gap), code I used for extra staff:

\paper {
system-system-spacing = #'(( basic-distance . 18))

extra = \relative c {
 \override Staff.TimeSignature.transparent = ##t
  \override Staff.KeySignature.transparent = ##t
  \override Staff.Clef.transparent =  ##t % to make it disappear, because up until now it's not needed
  \key c\minor
  \clef bass
  s1*12 s1 |
   \override Staff.TimeSignature.transparent = ##f
  \override Staff.KeySignature.transparent = ##f
  \override Staff.Clef.transparent =  ##f

%then the music follows

Tried it now differently by using page-count = #3 instead of system-system spacing, but still:

Layout isn't affected much, but this straight line is still there. Those three staffs are within PianoStaff, if that helps.

Any tips appreciated, thank you.

Krzysztof Gutowski

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