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Re: Getting a new computer

From: Jacques Peron
Subject: Re: Getting a new computer
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2016 10:17:37 +0100

Compiled 3 times on my Clevo w110er (Intel Core i7 3632QM - 2.2 Ghz - Ram 8 Go - Ubuntu 16.04 - LilyPond 2.19.47) :

lilypond  48,50s user 0,96s system 99% cpu 49,706 total
lilypond  51,27s user 0,79s system 99% cpu 52,244 total
lilypond  51,66s user 0,78s system 99% cpu 52,442 total

It replies 'Fatal error', but the resulting pdf looks fine.

2016-11-17 9:52 GMT+01:00 Henning Hraban Ramm <address@hidden>:
Thank you for this useful test project!
Also just for fun and comparison,
on my Mac mini (2.3 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM) running OSX 10.9.5 and LilyPond 2.18.2 it took 2:41, 2:30, or 4:47 min

Greetlings, Hraban

Am 2016-11-17 um 03:24 schrieb Vaughan McAlley <address@hidden>:

> Greetings,
> My 2008 iMac is reaching the end of its useful life, and I would like to replace it with some kind of desktop computer that runs Debian. Given that a significant proportion of my time on this new computer will be compiling Lilypond files, I was wondering which specs I should be prioritizing.
> I’ve included a large project if anyone with a newish computer would like to test their compilation time. The main file is It takes my computer between 4 and 5 minutes to compile.
> Cheers,
> Vaughan
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