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Re: Missing messages [was: Stem forced to be at the right (or left) of t

From: Brian Barker
Subject: Re: Missing messages [was: Stem forced to be at the right (or left) of the notehead]
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2018 21:26:05 +0000

At 13:25 02/03/2018 -0700, Thomas Morley wrote:
Paolo Prete wrote

For unknown reasons I don't see your posts on the mailing-list, ...

Neither do I. But I can help there: it's all down to Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC). This is a comparatively new system whereby mail domains can publish information to confirm or otherwise that messages are genuinely sent from a mail server maintained by that domain. Paolo Prete's mail domain appears to be, and Yahoo is one of the sending domains that uses this system. If he sent to you directly, everything would work OK and Gmail would accept the message.

The problem arises with mailing lists. The server forwarding the message - in this case Lilypond's - is not a proper source for messages, of course, so Gmail quite properly rejects list messages claiming to be from Yahoo addresses as spoofed. (As it happens, so does my mail provider.) If it is configured properly, mailing list software can arrange headers so that the receiving system - Gmail's in your case - sees his Yahoo server as the originator instead of the mailing list's. The problem is that most list software available when this protection was introduced was incapable of being properly configured. To avoid this effect, Lilypond may need to update the list software (apparently Mailman 2.1.21) or maybe just configure it differently.

See - which includes "In April 2014, Yahoo changed its DMARC policy to p=reject, thereby causing misbehavior in several mailing lists."
and for details of Mailman's behaviour.

Brian Barker

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