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From: Noeck
Subject: bookparts
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2018 18:09:03 +0100
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I need some further insights in what a bookpart is.
I've read the doc but it is very short on the issue:
My understanding from try and error is this (and I would be happy if you
could correct me or confirm the statements):

\paper blocks inside a \bookpart only affect this bookpart, while \paper
blocks outside affect everything. So it seems to be a scoping for paper

Q: Is it correct that the bookpart is a scope for paper blocks?

If I put a \layout block in a \bookpart, lilypond complains and says:
Für Papier-Block wird \paper benötigt
(\paper needed for paper block) – whatever that means ...

Q: Is it correct that \layout blocks don't belong inside a \bookpart?

I can define variables at top-level and use them in any boobpart. But
defining a variable inside a bookpart fails ("Error: syntax error,
unexpected SYMBOL").

Q: Is it correct that I can't define a variable inside a bookpart?
Q: That means if I have many scores with many voices in my document,
   I need unique names for all of them and can not reuse \soprano for
   the next piece with different content?

As my included files contain definitions, I cannot include them inside a
bookpart as far as I understand. So I need to put them at top level, right?

Q: Included files just behave as if the content was inserted at the same
Q: Includes must be at top level?

When does a \paper block apply? The order of score and \paper block
doesn't seem to decide upon it. From the example below I am puzzled why
the top-level paper block applies to the second score but not to the
first. It is after all scores but on top-level. Shouldn't it affect
either both or none?

*What I want to achieve* is to have ~10 independent pieces and
concatenate all of them into one book as well as printing everyone on
its own. The separate pieces should have taglines etc. on the first/last
page as usual. But the book should not repeat them for every piece. Each
piece should start a new page in the book. I dreamed of just including
all the scores into one document. But the output is terrible (errors as
the ones above etc.).

Q: Should I use bookparts at all or just \pageBreaks?

Thanks for reading until here! :)


\bookpart {
  \paper {
    left-margin = 8\cm

  \markup "ASD"
  \score {  { a } }

\bookpart {
  { b }
  \header {
    title= "Title"

\paper {
  top-margin = 5\cm

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